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People are becoming more and more conscious when it comes to dental health. While many use dental floss and visit their family dentist regularly, however, loss of teeth may still occur due to diseases and external trauma. In such cases, one of your best options is to get dentures.


The Real Deal about False Teeth

Dentures are a type of prosthetic used to replace missing teeth. They are generally removable and made to be supported by the surrounding tissues in the oral cavity. Dentures come in different designs and may either be bonded or clasped to existing teeth or implants. Currently, there are two main types of dentures:


·         Complete—this is used to replace all teeth in and arch and can be further divided into three categories, namely, conventional, immediate, and overdentures. With conventional, you will need to wait approximately eight weeks for your gums to heal after the remaining teeth are removed. Although uncomfortable, especially to those who didn’t previously have dentures, it provides a more accurate size and better fit. With immediate, the dentures can be placed as soon as the teeth are extracted. However, since the bones and gums will shrink, the dentures will require constant adjustment until they are stabilized and can only serve as a temporary replacement. Finally, overdentures use existing teeth or implants, which will require the services of an implant dentist in Verona, NJ, to rest dentures over for stability, with many designs easily snapped on or off.

·         Partial—this is the better choice in cases where there are significant gaps between your teeth, but the remaining ones are healthy and don’t need to be extracted. Here, the replacement teeth are attached to a gum-colored plastic base typically held together by a metal framework. The bridge created by the artificial teeth and crowns for surrounding natural teeth fills the space and prevents other teeth from moving.


While we at Bloomfield Dental Designs believe that dentures are a good restoration option, we also believe that you must know how dentures and how they can affect your daily life before you book an appointment with us. That said, here are the advantages and disadvantages of dentures that you ought to consider:



·         Aesthetics—dentures provide you with a perfectly natural smile.

·         Teeth and Muscle Preservation—loss of teeth may lead to sagging oral muscles, displaced teeth, and even jaw problems. All of these can be prevented by dentures.

·         Proper Mouth Function—it helps you eat your favorite food without worry and pronounce words better.

·         Low Cost—compared to other options like implants, dentures are much more affordable and are even covered by insurance policies.



·         Relatively Fragile—the plastic base of dentures is easy to break, so you have to be careful when it comes to handling and storing it.

·         Unstable—dentures generally require a fixative. If not applied properly, the false teeth may move, making eating quite troublesome.

·         Uncomfortable—with a plastic base and crowns tucked to your teeth and palate (roof), you may feel uncomfortable and have difficulty tasting food. This may bring a significant sense of discomfort, especially if it’s your first set of dentures.


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