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Brushing your teeth every day may help in maintaining your oral health, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough. To ensure that you have sparkly and healthy teeth and gums, dental visits to a Lyndhurst family dentist are necessary. If your jaw isn’t properly aligned, if you suffered teeth loss due to external trauma, or if you simply want a more beautiful smile, dental treatments become even more crucial. However, not everyone can pay upfront for the substantial price tag they come with. In such cases, we at Bloomfield Dental Designs suggest that you consider getting a great insurance plan.


What to Know about Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurances are programs that help offset the mounting cost of dental services—the primary reason behind people choosing to forego dental visits and neglect complications arising around their mouth and gums. Typically providing free exams and cleaning, insurances provide reimbursements or lower costs for an array of products and services, the types determined by insurance providers. Dental insurance plans are available for individuals, families, or groups.


Types of Dental Insurances in Lyndhurst, NJ

If you are keen on securing your and your loved ones’ dental health through a dental insurance, it is will be best if you know what types are available to you and how each of them will benefit you. Here are the four common types of dental plans that you can get:

  • DHMO/DMO (Dental Health Managed Organization)—under this plan, you can select a primary care dentist who will provide you with free basic treatments and generally co-payment terms for more complex procedures. The dentists under this organization are given a fixed monthly fee, which incentivizes them to provide quality preventive care to avoid more complex procedures. DHMOs generally have little to no waiting periods and annual maximum limits.
  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)—otherwise named Participating Dental Network (PDN), this insurance plan allows you to either choose from its network or use the services of your own family dentist in New Jersey. If you choose an in-network provider, you can enjoy lower costs. Otherwise, you will get reimbursements based on the provider’s fee table. This type of plan requires deductibles and comes with annual limits.
  • Indemnity—this plan gives you free reign, meaning you can continue using the services of any dentist you like instead of worrying, thinking, “Who among the dentists near me ar included in the network?” However, you will have to abide by stricter terms as this plan reimburses a specified amount based on the plan and services you got, requires deductibles, and have set annual maximums.
  • Discount—this is not an insurance plan but more of an alternative. Here, you will pay an annual fee instead of premiums, but you will be able to enjoy better discounts for a wider array of services from a larger network of providers. This is ideal if you can’t save from tax refunds and don’t have enough to pay upfront for expensive treatments from specialists such as orthodontists and implant dentists in NJ.


As you can see, you have a number of options when it comes to dental insurance plans, which can help you finance your regular and expensive dental treatments. Carefully review each of them, and you will certainly find the best one for your unique circumstance.


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