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Having a set of straight, pearly-white teeth can certainly improve one’s appearance and boost one’s confidence. Unfortunately, for some, the price that must be paid is too heavy, pushing them to forego dental visits and neglecting their oral health. Although a dental insurance may help in such cases, their limits and high fees become another huge mountain that must be crossed. If you or your loved ones require relatively expensive treatments but are worried about not being able to have enough to pay for them upfront, then you ought to consider getting dental discount plans.


Why Have a Dental Discount Plan in Clifton?

A dental discount plan is an alternative to dental insurances that is continuously rising in popularity. At roughly $70-$150 annual fee per individual based on the provider and coverage, it gives you access to a network of dentists—orthodontist and family dentist in Clifton, NJ included—and an array of simple and complex procedures at a significantly lower rate, the price of which is agreed upon during the dentist’s signup on the program.


Bloomfield Dental Designs believes that discount plans is a great way to reduce your out-of-pocket spending, regardless if you have insurance, are enrolled in Medicaid, or not. Although dental insurance provides exams and cleaning for free, actual works like root canals and implants can cost you a fortune, since only a miniscule part of it is covered, if at all. Another great thing about this plan is that you may be given freebies like discount for prescription drugs as well as vision, hearing, and chiropractic products and services.


There are also no limits, so you can avail the services as often you need to, and with huge networks encompassing thousands of practice locations nationwide, you might easily find one within your community. In fact, your family dentist may already be part of the network.


Generally, when going to an appointment, you only need to present your membership card and a valid ID. You will then be provided discounted prices for the dental services you need. Depending on the provider and service, you may save anywhere between 20% and 60%.


3 Tips for Choosing a Discount Plan

While a dental discount plan can save you a lot of money in the long run if used wisely, you have to remember that not all plans are equal. Thus, we recommend that you follow these tips to get the best plan for you and your family:

  • Consider accessibility—“Who are the affiliated dentists near me?” That’s the first question you must ask. Remember that you need a dentist not only for simple cleaning but also for emergencies, so the discount plan must include practitioners near your home and office.
  • Compare prices—You want to make sure that the savings you will get will justify the fee you will pay, so you have to thoroughly compare the services covered and how much savings you can get from each.
  • You can switch plans—The best thing about discount plans is that you can switch from one to another every year: if you feel like you are not getting the most out of your first choice, you have the freedom to get another.

With a discount plan, you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg just to get the best dental services.


So stop hesitating. Get the Clifton family dental services you need at a price you can afford. Call Bloomfield Dental Designs at (973) 743-3930 to book an appointment today!


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