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Who doesn’t want to have a perfect set of straight, pearly-white teeth? However, while we can control what we eat and drink, which affect our teeth’s color and overall oral health, we can’t do anything about our bones’ and bite’s movement as we grow. In such cases where you find that your teeth are slowly becoming or have already become crooked or your bite is misaligned, Bloomfield Dental Designs offer braces as a solution.


What Do You Need to Know about Braces?

Braces are parts of orthodontics, the branch of dentistry focused on the improvement of your smile’s appearance, stability, and function. They are simple but highly-efficient tools that treat a plethora of conditions, some of the most important ones being the following:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth that caused spacing problems, overcrowding, and crooked teeth
  • Breathing through the mouth and sleep disorders like snoring, teeth grinding, and sleep apnea
  • Improper jaw alignment, leading to abnormal-alignment of the upper and lower sets of teeth, difficulty in biting or chewing, and TMD/temporomandibular joint disorders (dysfunction and pain from the jaw muscles and joints connecting the jaw bone to the skull)


Does Age Matter?

A Cedar Grove family dentist can recommend braces to both children and adults, although the procedures tend to be more difficult for the latter since the teeth and bones are harder and already set. A general dentist can correct minor problems, but if your case is more complex, you will be referred to an orthodontist.


For children, orthodontic appliances are commonly used between the ages of seven and fourteen, with ages 10-14 being the most ideal time since the teeth and bones are still growing and, therefore, are more adaptable to straightening. Braces tend to be employed for 24 months for children and teens and roughly 28-30 months for adults. If you have met an implant dentist in Cedar Grove, NJ and are planning to get implants installed, you might want to discuss the procedures with your dentist. Implants can’t be moved after installation, so if they are part of the teeth to be braced, you might encounter some problems.


Check-up and Pain

After the braces are installed, you need to visit your dentist at least once a month. This is to ensure that enough pressure is put into the teeth. Adjustments and cleaning will be done during these check-ups, so you should never miss.


Generally, braces bring a sense of discomfort, with the rubbing of the brackets and the surrounding muscles often leading to mouth ulcer—lesions that disappear after a couple of days. While some pain is to be expected, if you continuously experience it, and at alarming levels, you must bring it up to your dentist to make future adjustments more comfortable.


Price and Post-Maintenance

Braces are quite expensive, costing between $2500 and $7000, depending on the length and complexity of the procedure. Most insurance plans cover a fraction of the cost, but if you want to save more, you might want to ask for the different payment plans available to you.

After braces are finally taken out, you might still be subjected to the use of retainers to ensure that your teeth’s position is completely stable. Otherwise, you can start flashing your beautiful, straight teeth for the whole world to see.


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