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All of us know that our oral health is important, but not everyone of us has a good impression of dental clinics. Perhaps the childhood stories you have heard instilled great fear into you or maybe you have had a bad experience with a previous family dentist, making dental visits nothing but a nerve-wracking appointment you would rather ran away from. However, if you necessitate a dental procedure but can’t shake away the worry and fear, then you ought to consider sedation dentistry.


What Do You Need to Know about Family Dentistry in Belleville?

Bloomfield Dental Designs offer sedation dentistry for patients who experience extreme anxiety during their appointed procedures. Involving the use of sedatives, which are given prior and during the procedure, it offers the following benefits:

  • Relaxation—since the patient gains utmost comfort, they become less likely to avoid dental appointments or neglect their oral health.
  • Movement and gag reflex control—some people gag before the smallest equipment is used or inserted in their mouth.  The sedatives can help eliminate these unnecessary movements to hasten the process.
  • Cooperation—patients become more cooperative since their fear has subsided. They respond to instructions better, making the procedure painless for both them and the attending family dentist.
  • Little to no memory—the sedatives often make patients so relaxed that they tend to feel that hour-long procedures took only several minutes. This increases the chances of success and often leads to less number of required visits.


The sedatives provided come in different forms and are administered through two distinctive methods:

  1. The first involves the absorption of the drug across the enteric membrane, which starts from the oral cavity, going through the digestive tract, and ending in the rectum. Under this category, medications are swallowed, absorbed through the oral mucosa (membrane lining the mouth), or inserted rectally.
  2. The other method covers absorption of the drugs in all other ways except through the enteric membrane. This includes sedatives applied through inhalation, intravenous, and intramuscular means.


There are also different degrees of sedation, the type of which is determined by your own level fear. Currently, there are four degrees of sedation from which your dentist can choose from:


  • Minimal—here, you will be given either nitrous oxide for inhalation or medications to be swallowed. You will be relaxed but completely conscious, allowing you to respond to commands with relative ease.
  • Moderate—otherwise called “conscious sedation,” this level lets you fully relax, even forgetting a significant part of the procedure. Often used by cosmetic and implant dentist in Belleville, NJ during restorative and cosmetic dental procedures, you will be able to respond to commands following light stimulation.
  • Deep—reserved for the most nervous and fearful patients, deep sedation puts you on the brink of unconsciousness. You won’t be easily roused, cannot respond to commands, and may require breathing assistance.
  • General anesthesia—in this level, you are completely unconscious and utilizes a ventilator. Being riskier compared to other degrees of sedation, this is only administered for major oral surgeries and complex restorative procedures and applied by highly trained anesthesiologist or surgeon.


If you have a low pain threshold, strong gag reflex, or irrepressible fear, sedation dentistry may be for you.

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