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Accidents, cavity, and old age—these are just three of the reasons why we lose precious teeth and what expose our oral health to other risks. While some may think of simply getting fillings or dentures, the best option would be to get dental implants. However, before you leap and book an appointment with a Family Dentist in Glen Ridge NJ, there are five things you need to know…


Durability and Longevity

Compared to dentures and crowns, implants are more durable since the posts are made from titanium, which are carefully placed into your jaw bone. With proper care and regular checkups, implants can even last a lifetime. They also have limited disadvantages and do not pose a risk to adjacent teeth. Typically topped with porcelain or ceramic crowns, they work just like natural teeth, allowing you to eat with ease.


Lengthy Procedure

Dental implants are invasive. They involve several surgical operations that require thorough examination and treatment. You just can’t approach an implant dentist in Glen Ridge, NJ and demand to get an implant that very day. For most cases, the whole procedure spans three to nine months for the post to be placed and the bone to fully heal before the prosthesis is added and the case marked as complete and a success.


Your Health, Oral Hygiene, and Lifestyle

Another thing you have to remember is that not everyone can get dental implants. A family dentist will advise a child against getting one even if the lost teeth are already permanent since their bones are still growing. The jaw may shift, move the implant, and eventually affect proper function. Patients who have advanced gum diseases should also reconsider since weak gum and mouth tissues may not be able to handle the procedure. Depending on your bone’s thickness, you might need a graft to provide further support for the implant.

As with your natural teeth, you must observe good oral hygiene to ensure the procedure’s success and longevity. Using dental floss and avoiding munching on sweet and hard food will be most beneficial.



This is perhaps the primary concern for many. While implants are the most durable when it comes to dental restoration, they are also the most expensive, with each costing $3000 to $4500. If you really want to pursue this treatment but would like to get some discount, you should consider the following:

  • Join discount plans that require annual fees but offer 15% to 25% discount on implants and other dental services.
  • Look over your insurance policy and see how much of the cost will be covered, if any.
  • Get in touch with licensed dentists in your area to discuss options and payment plans. Don’t just think, “Which of the dentists near me should I contact?” Research your prospects or consult with your family dentist.


Insurance and Taxes

Speaking of insurance, most policies only cover a small part of the cost, so it is best to call your provider to get the exact details. It is also best to ask for advice on how to pay the balance and if going to an affiliated clinic will increase the coverage or provide a discount.

If you are in a high tax bracket, you might also want to separate the procedure into two calendar years: the implant around the end of the year and the addition of prosthesis the next. This will allow you to get the most out of your pretax flexible spending account at work and save a significant amount.


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