3 Root Canal Recovery Tips You Need to Know

Are you preparing for an upcoming root canal procedure? If so, you should know all you can about the root canal recovery process. Feel prepared and rest assured that you know how to care for yourself after this procedure to ease any anxiety you may be having. Keep reading for simple recovery tips you should … Read more

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Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Statistics reveal that over 30% of adults between the ages of 20-44 have untreated dental caries (also called cavities). Many people avoid the dentist out of fear or a lack of finances. Unfortunately, studies show that decayed and discolored teeth correspond to problems with social and psychological adjustment. People with tooth decay often avoid smiling, and smiling is good for … Read more

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Is a Root Canal Painful? Separating the Myths and Facts

Oral disease affects nearly 3.5 billion people every year. Meanwhile, 10% of the global population has gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. In some cases, your dentist might suggest a root canal to deal with an infected or abscessed tooth. Despite a high success rate, root canal treatments still have a bad reputation for causing pain. Is … Read more

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Luxury vs. Necessity: The U.S. Dental Care Dilemma

If you’ve ever struggled to afford dental care, you aren’t alone. That’s because 181 million Americans avoided a visit to the dentist in 2010. While most Americans can afford basic procedures like fillings and cleanings, the cost of care increases steeply as dental procedures become more complex. Root canals, bridges, and TMJ surgeries can cost you thousands … Read more

Can You Go Back to Work After a Root Canal?

Have you ever had a root canal or know someone who has? This would not be surprising since over 15 million people have root canals every year. The American Association of Endodontists goes on to report that each day, more than 41,000 people undergo this procedure. If your dentist recommends a root canal, you may have many questions. One … Read more

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What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Improving your teeth will boost your confidence and give you that glowing white smile you’ve always wanted. The demand for cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. But what types of cosmetic dentistry are available to help fix your teeth? Continue reading to find out! 1. Teeth Whitening This is also known as teeth bleaching. This … Read more

What Are the Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry?

We’re from the United States, and that means one thing – we’re obsessed with the way our teeth look. Surrounded by pearly whites, it’s easy to feel self-conscious. In fact, one-third of Americans don’t like the way their teeth look. After ineffectual teeth whitening toothpaste and whitener strips, you soon ask yourself: is cosmetic dentistry worth it? … Read more

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Are Cosmetic Dentistry Services Worth The Cost?

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” – Steve Maraboli Your smile is an incredibly powerful thing that many of us take for granted. A simple smile can spread happiness, encourage positive mental health, and can even help you achieve success in life. Unfortunately, studies have found that one-third of Americans are unhappy with the appearance … Read more

How to Avoid Stained Teeth

Many of us aren’t 100% satisfied with the color of our teeth; over time, our teeth are prone to discoloration, which can be caused by our diet and our oral health routines. If you are less than happy with your current smile, the good news is there are ways to reduce the impact of stains, … Read more

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3D Printing In Dentistry

Today, 3D printing can already print whole machines, machine components and even food items. The NASA space program is working on perfecting a 3D printer that can print slices of pizza for astronauts to enjoy while in outer space.The medical field is heralding the applications of 3D printing technology for creating tissues and organ components … Read more

Dealing With Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

One surefire way to ascertain a whiter and a brighter smile is by going through a simple procedure of teeth whitening. It is a simple dental procedure that can lighten the existing color of your teeth by several shades. Ouch! Teeth Whitening can cause Sensitivity… If you already have a sensitive set of teeth, teeth whitening process … Read more

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Pain Remedies for Injured Teeth

Human teeth are very strong, but under a few circumstances they can break or fracture. While minor cracks can be ignored, in case the pulp (nerve) is exposed or inflamed, a broken or cracked tooth can cause an extremely excruciating toothache. When you experience a tooth pain while eating hot or cold food and that … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Root Canals

A root canal is a dental procedure that is done to fix or restore a tooth that has severely decayed. It is a treatment carried out to save an infected tooth, by removing the damaged pulp or nerve tissue, and sealing the tooth after filling the pulp cavity. This stops the spreading of painful infection … Read more

Keep Your Breath Fresh – TIPS

The last thing anyone wants to be greeted with is a stench of odor emanating from your mouth. Really Awkward! Bad breath affects the way others perceive you. What Causes It? Also known as Halitosis, anyone can suffer from the condition sporadically. It is characterized by incessant foul-smelling breath. A bout of Halitosis is generally a result … Read more

Dentistry Feels Like The Stone Age

Who among us hasn’t had this thought, as a dentist industriously and cheerfully chisels and scrapes and drills away at your teeth: surely there is a better way?When anthropologists last month discovered evidence of dental handiwork in a14,000-year-old tooth, the surprising thing about it wasn’t the fact that people in the stone age had cavities and tried to do … Read more

Why is flossing as important as brushing?

It’s true. Flossing and brushing go hand-in-hand. Every time you visit your dentist for a dental checkup, there’s one recommendation you’re definitely going to hear: “Floss your teeth regularly”. Flossing and Brushing are More Effective Than Brushing Alone Flossing is the most important yet the most difficult personal grooming activity. It is a vital part … Read more

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10 Holiday Habits That Wreck Teeth

Biting your nails or sucking on lemons is seemingly harmless, but these activities can wreck havoc on your pearly whites. You don’t know, but your few everyday habits can harm your teeth more than anything. While a lot of dental health “don’ts” can instantly damage your teeth (by making them loose or breaking them), the damage from … Read more

Diabetes and Dental Health

For the nearly 24 million Americans suffering from diabetes, it would be surprising to know about an unexpected complication that is frequently linked with this condition. Research shows that there is greater risk of developing severe periodontal (gum) disease for those with diabetes. Periodontal disease is an infection in which your gums start to pull away from the teeth … Read more