How to Tell You Probably Need a Dental Filling

You’re starting to feel discomfort in one of your back teeth, and you cannot help but wonder if you’ve developed a cavity.

If it’s of any consolation to you, you’re not the only one dealing with these small holes in the teeth. Research shows that 90% of adults who are 20 years old or older have had one or more cavities in their lifetimes.

A few symptoms might indicate that you need a dental filling. Here’s a rundown of the top signs you need to undergo a dental filling procedure.

Pain and Sensitivity in Your Tooth

One of the top signs you need a dental filling is sensitivity or pain in your tooth. Specifically, your tooth might be sensitive to cold or heat due to the hole that has formed in your tooth.

Note that if you feel pain in the central part of a particular tooth, this is a sign that your tooth may have become infected at its root. In this situation, root canal therapy may be necessary.

Constant Toothache

You might also have a cavity if your tooth is constantly aching. This ache may feel like a dull throb that doesn’t go away.

Your dentist can evaluate your tooth and tell you if a cavity is causing your toothache. If a cavity is a culprit, they can apply an amalgam or composite filling to your tooth.

Amalgam fillings, or silver-colored fillings, typically go in the back teeth due to their durability and strength. Meanwhile, composite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, are perfect for the front teeth for aesthetic reasons. 

A Hole in Your Tooth

You may also need a filling if you have begun to notice a hole in one of your teeth or a rough surface on the tooth.

Likewise, if a dark-colored spot begins forming on the tooth, you should see your dentist immediately. This spot might become a hole later.

Bad Mouth Odor

Finally, a dental filling may be in order if you notice that you have begun to develop bad breath.

That’s because when cavities become deeper, more debris, like food, can become trapped in them. This creates the perfect environment for foul odors to develop. 

How We Can Help with a Dental Filling

The top signs you need a dental filling include constant toothache and sensitivity. You may also be due for a dental filling if you notice a hole in your tooth surface. Bad breath is yet another sign of a cavity.

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