What Are the Different Types of Affordable Dental Care?

While dental care is essential for good health, it can sometimes be too expensive. You may even avoid going for some dental procedures due to cost.

You may be in the market for affordable dental care options right now. Keep reading for a variety of dental care coverage selections. 

Local Health Departments

Affordable dental care options are available in most states under local health departments. Both low-income families and the uninsured can access affordable health care. Dental care is also included in these departments. 

For instance, the Bureau of Primary Health Care supports federally funded health centers to reduce the cost of health services, including dental care. Some of these health centers partner with local municipalities to offer services under Medicaid or Medicare.

Do local health centers provide health care services under the affordable care act? And does the affordable care act cover dental care? 

Numerous federally funded health centers cover patients under the Affordable Care Act. But the act doesn’t require insurers to cover adults for dental care─ only kids. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a good option for affordable dental care. The National Institutes of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) seeks volunteers for dental research.

If your condition falls under what they’re studying, their researchers may consider you for free or affordable dental care. Check out ClinicalTrials.gov to establish if they’re trials that suit your condition. 

Federally Funded Dental Care Programs

The Federal Government funds many health centers across the country to provide affordable health care services. Many times your income may not matter when you’re seeking medical help from these health centers.

Designated sites have to ensure underprivileged citizens receive free or low-cost services and dental care. But, these centers will often pay more attention to low-income and non-insured patients. Children, immigrants, under-insured patients, seasonal farmworkers, and the homeless may find more assistance in these programs. 

Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP

Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP are federal health programs designed to reduce the cost of healthcare. One thing to note is that all these programs have different limitations on dental care cover.

Dental Schools

Going for dental care services in dental schools is another way to get some discounts. Dental schools can get the work done at a price you can pay.

Choosing a dental school for affordable dental care options means doing your homework. While you can save money, remember your dentist is still practicing. You have to look for dental schools that provide dental care under a licensed dentist.

With the right dental school, you can be sure you’ll receive some professional attention. Sometimes they can be a good option for low-cost preventive family dental care. 

United Way

United Way, through its toll-free 211 programs, can help you find healthcare resources in your locality. United Way can direct you to affordable dental care options near your area. Call 211 to find a community resource specialist who’ll lead you to free or low dental care near your home. 

Affordable Dental Care Options Near You

Quality dental care services aren’t always expensive. There are still caring affordable dental care clinics that provide outstanding dental services at a price you can afford.

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