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Affordable Dentist, Low-Income Dental Care in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Dental care and regular dentist check-ups are as valuable to one’s health as other medical needs, but due to their continuously rising cost, many people choose to forego them and focus instead on other necessities like food and shelter. However, if you are keen on maintaining good dental health or if you are looking for an affordable dentist that can provide you with the services you urgently need, low-income dental care is your best bet.

What Is Low-Income Dental Care?

Low-income dental clinics and organizations cater to people who fit the government’s and their own criteria, including a pre-decided income bracket, age range, and set of dental services. Depending on the Bloomfield clinic you visit, you may have to comply with the following requirements:

·         Tax returns—as mentioned earlier, low-income dental clinics only accept patients that are covered by the Federal Poverty Guidelines or those who are near the stated levels. For 2014, that means a person must have an income of approximately $11,670 while a family of four must have a combined income of $23,850. You can check the guideline at the ASPE website ( If you didn’t file your taxes, you may be asked for check stubs, employer letter, or supporter’s income details.

·         Sliding scale

·         Insurance coverage—some affordable dental clinics accept patients who have minimal or limited insurance coverage like Medicaid. However, some requires that the patient must have absolutely no insurance to avail their free services. Therefore, you must thoroughly check your prospective clinics and ask about their policies before booking an appointment.

·         Dental service needed—while a low-income dentist offers cheap or even free services, you have to remember that your options are limited. Most only provide the basic needs such as cleaning, filling, and extraction. For other dental and surgical services, you might have to seek a family dentist that accepts co-payments or offers discounted plans.

A Note about Medicaid and Its Alternatives

If you can’t avail free dental services for having an income above the dental clinic’s pre-set income level (e.g., 130%-250% of the poverty guideline), then your next option is Medicaid.

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as “Obamacare,” more people can now get access to the said affordable social insurance program. As with free dental services, Medicaid has limitations that vary from state to state and clinic to clinic. Some strictly provide basic services while others accept upfront and co-payments. In Bloomfield, you are eligible for this program if you:

·         Are a New Jersey resident

·         Are a US citizen or legal alien

·         Meet the set standards for financial income and resources

·         Fall under any of the specified categories (in a family with children, pregnant woman, or 65 years or older, blind,  or permanently disabled)

On the off chance that you can’t get either free dental services or Medicaid, you can still save some money with the following options:

·         Discount dental plans, which require a minimal monthly/annual fee

·         Dental student service, which offers lower cost to provide experience to those taking dentistry but are guided by a licensed dentist

·         Discount coupons, which you occasionally find on deal sites such as Groupon

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