It’s Okay to Fix Your Teeth: Why It Isn’t Vain to Want a Good Smile

Is it vain to want to fix your teeth? A lot of people worry that seeking cosmetic dental surgery is a sign of insecurity.

We’re here today to show you that nothing could be further than the truth. You are 100% justified in wanting your smile to look nice. Besides this, getting teeth fixed can even improve your health.

So now, we’re going to help you clear up those pesky misconceptions about cosmetic dental surgery that are making you feel guilty about something that’s totally normal and natural. Then, you can make a well-informed decision about the dental treatments available to you. Read on to learn more.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Looking Your Best

Think of it this way. When you notice your hair is messy, you don’t just leave it that way. You brush it, style it, and/or occasionally have professionals work their magic on it.

There’s nothing vain about wanting to look presentable, wanting to look your best. So if you have no problem fixing your hair, why would you have a problem with fixing your teeth?

The only difference between the appearance of your hair vs your teeth is that teeth aren’t as easy to fix. You can’t simply trim or style them.

To straighten your teeth into the presentable appearance you want requires professional help. That doesn’t make it, or you, wrong in any way.

Cosmetic Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Most misconceptions about cosmetic dental surgery are due to the word “cosmetic.” People hear “cosmetic” and think “vain, frivolous, unnecessary.”

Basically, they file cosmetic dental surgery in the same category as facelifts, liposuction, and breast augmentation. Those who would never consider getting those procedures done also shun cosmetic dental work.

But don’t let the word “cosmetic” fool you. Dental care isn’t merely about appearance. In fact, it’s mostly about health.

A misaligned bite from crooked teeth, for example, can lead to painful jaw problems. Missing teeth will eventually lead to bone loss without dental implants.

Every day, thousands of these “cosmetic” dental procedures are performed specifically to improve the patients’ health.

There’s Nothing Fake About Cosmetic Dental Surgery

To compare to breast augmentation once more, many people don’t like the idea of fixing their teeth for fear that it makes them “fake.” They don’t like the idea of being a phony. They like even less the idea that people after the treatment will only like them because of their “fake smile.”

But, as we’ve touched on already, there’s nothing fake about cosmetic dental treatment. Here are a few illustrations on that point.

If you straighten your teeth, they’re still your teeth. You’re simply improving their appearance and function.

If you whiten your teeth, you’re simply restoring them to their original, natural color. If you get dental implants, it prevents your jaw bone from eroding, keeping your chin from receding.

In these many instances and more, cosmetic dentistry is actually the only way to preserve the real you.

Ready to Fix Your Teeth?

Don’t let these misconceptions sway you any longer. If you want to fix your teeth, go ahead and make an appointment. Even if you merely want to know more about the health benefits of fixing your teeth, contact us here.

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