Is a Root Canal Considered Oral Surgery? Yes, and Here’s Why.

Root canal treatments are a godsend when you are experiencing tooth problems. They take care of your infected tooth and fix up the dental cavity so you can continue about your life with an aching tooth getting in your way.

Best of all, the only thing you need to do is go to your general dentist to have it all figured out…right? Well, having your regular dentist may not be the best option when handling root canal problems.

Dealing with a root canal requires a considerable amount of technique and effort, more than what your general dentist may be able to offer. In fact, if you don’t have an oral surgeon to handle the job, you may be placing yourself in harm’s way.

This article will go in-depth with why you need to have an oral surgeon for the job, and why not having one can cause more trouble than you think. Keep reading to learn more.

Could Not Having an Oral Surgeon Lead to Root Canal Problems?

Yes, and here’s why.

When you are getting a root canal done, it is essentially undergoing a surgical procedure. The materials needed and the operation as a whole is one that requires the work of a special dentist.

A root canal treatment requires a dentist to go into your mouth and remove the inflamed or infected pulp that has collected after a cavity. A light cavity may be simple for a general dentist to handle but if you require a root canal treatment it’s already too much for general dentistry.

What Kind of Problems Could Occur?

In most cases, the biggest problems happen from a general doctor overlooking the entire matter at hand.

When one has a root canal problem, it extends throughout the entire tooth. However, your general dentist may mistake it as a simple mild cavity or some other surface tooth problem, and overlook the damaged parts in the roots.

Your general dentist may also overlook any tooth decay that’s taking place well beneath the surface of the tooth. If they simply cover over the top of the tooth, the decay will continue to grow and spread throughout, and may even affect other teeth.

There are more problems that can come from mistreatment of the root canal, but no matter the reason it is definitely a smart choice to go to an oral surgeon when handling a root canal treatment.

For All of Your Dental Needs

Now that you know why you need a qualified oral surgeon to help you avoid any root canal problems, you’ll want to know where to go in order to find the right people to do the job. Luckily for you, we’re the ones you need to do the job.

At Bloomfield Dental Designs, we specialize in a wide array of dental procedures, including root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, dental bondings and cleanings, composite and amalgam fillings, laser dentistry, and more.

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