Dentist Bloomfield How to Get Kids Excited about Dental Health

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The ideal way to make sure that kids enjoy decades of good dental health is to evoke enthusiasm regarding the same. Getting a bunch of frisky children excited about an activity like flossing, brushing, or visiting the dentist may seem tough. In fairness, taking care of dental health is certainly not the most exciting thing to do. Well, it can be tough, yes, but with a few efforts it can be made more engaging. Read on to know how.




Update Your Gear

Remember the time when you required a little motivation to go to the gym and you purchased a new pair of shoes for that. Use this psychological trick to brushing and buy your kid’s new, fancy brush or accessories which are cute and toy-like.

Buy your little one, Barbie brushes, Batman brush stands, floss and floss holder, vibrantly colored tongue cleaners, and mouthwashes. Get your child their favorite flavored toothpaste. If your child loves the toothpaste flavor he is using, the likelihood of using it regularly is quite much.  

Simply convince your kids that brushing is not a mundane chore. In fact make it more appealing to them by stressing on the fact that it will make their teeth stronger and better in a long run. Whenever you see any of your kid’s favorite cartoon character or superheroes highlighting the significance of brushing and visiting a dentist, make them watch those shows.  


Set a Reward Earning Activity

Find out what your kids love and wish to buy-whether big or small-and make brushing a reward earning activity. Set a challenge for ‘n’ number of days in order for your kids to reach the reward. You can just promise your kid’s privileges like extra playtime or sweets. Giving such temptations to your child can get your kids excited about brushing. 


Teach with Music

No one can underestimate the power of music. It is one thing that can definitely make learning facts about brushing, easier. Come up with a creative song about flossing or brushing, so that whenever your child goes for brushing he can sing the song and enjoy the whole process. 


Field Trips

More than domestic oral care, it is paying a visit to the dentist that is a bigger challenge with young children. They are scared of these trips. The idea of visiting a dentist just terrifies them and as a parent you need to be really tactful with the kids.  Teach kids that it isn’t scary to visit a dentist-take them to your dentist whenever you have a check-up. Kids can watch what exactly happens during a dental check-up, and they would love looking at various posters and molds displayed in the dentist’s room.

If you are sure your children are going to throw tantrums and whine about the whole thing, don’t give them much time to put a drama. While on your way to the dentist, inform them about your visit.

And again, if just about nothing works, bribe your kids for getting the dental check-up done. It definitely sets a wrong precedent, but then again, getting their teeth checked is extremely important as well.